About SunTan 

Distribution Center

SunTan Distribution Centre at Salisbury South,SA

SunTan Healthcare Products Pty Ltd had been supplying Australian Businesses with disposable gloves since 2014. 

Based in South Australia, we own our manufactory in China and we supply Australian clients with the full range of disposable gloves. ​

Our direct importing relationship with factory ensures that we are able to supply world quality disposable gloves to our Australian clients at competitive prices.

Based in Salisbury, South Australia, our modern distribution centre allows us to offer our customers fast delivery of our extensive range of disposable gloves.

Whether you need disposable gloves for medical or dental examinations, caring for the children or the aged, food services or hair-dressing, SunTan Healthcare Products have a disposable glove to meet your needs,at the best price for your budget.

Why consider SunTan Healthcare Products Disposable Gloves?

 SunTan Healthcare Products is an Australian company that has been supplying quality disposable gloves to a wide range of industries for over four years. With a direct relationship with a world-class manufacturer in China, we can provide world-class quality at factory direct prices.

 SunTan Healthcare Products has built a solid reputation with customers for fast and personalized customer service to a wide range of industries requiring affordable, better quality disposable gloves.

Our distribution centre is located in South Australia, as we believe that being local helps us to understand our customers better and service their needs. Plus, as we are a subsidiary of one the leading disposable glove manufacturers in China allows us to import directly from the factory to our warehouse in South Australia and therefore to provide you with world-class quality at very affordable prices.

 We offer special services to our customers

  • OEM

      If you do not have your own brand, we could help you design one for free.

  • Sharing information

      SunTan would love to help our customers look for better suppliers for you.

  • Consolidation

      SunTan could mix all your needs in one container to your warehouse.

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable local team to find out which of our products will best service your needs.